1. Which topic should the talk cover?

Experience has shown that our audience is very interested in contributions presenting practiceoriented examples from your company and environment. Generally, you should focus on the areas of globalization, innovation as well as strategy in the supply chain. In order to position yourself in an optimal way, you should not view your talk as a marketing instrument. You will achieve the best results if you present yourself in a professionally qualified way and speak about your business experience. Successful presentations usually balance these three topics: a) presenting the company (15 to 25 percent), b) main part including experiences for example from the areas of globalization, product innovation, strategic direction and actions, case studies (60 to 75 percent) and c) conclusions and learning experience. The optimal number of slides lies between 15 and 25. The slides should not be text-heavy. We will gladly speak with you about specific questions and individual contents.  

2. In which language should the talk be prepared?

The conference language of the ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING FORUM is German, hence the slides as well as your talk should be prepared in German. Presenting in English is generally possible. Generally, all keynotes and technical presentations will be simultaneously translated into English.

3. What is the setting on site like?

A laptop of the organizer will be located at the speaker’s desk or on a separate table for your presentation. Of course you have the possibility to use your own laptop (VGA port). In this case please let us know beforehand. The speaker’s desk stands on a platform, the presentation area is located behind that. There is the possibility to play sound via the conference room speakers.  

4. How does the changing of the slides take place?

A presenter with a laser pointer will be available with which the presenter can change the slides himself. Alternatively, an assistant can be seated in the first row, from where he/she can operate the presenter

5. Which kind of personnel is on site on the part of the organizer?

All talks will be guided by a moderator. Technical personnel will be on site at all times.  

6. What kinds of microphones are available?

Besides a stationary desk microphone there is the possibility of using a label microphone.  

7. Which format should the presentation have?

Ideally, the presentation will be prepared in “Microsoft PowerPoint” (from version 2007 on .pptx). The side format is optimal in 16:9. Possible videos should be embedded directly. However, we can also display other presentation tools such as Prezi.

8. Will the presentation be made available to the participants of the conference?

The presentations will be made available to the participants of the conference via a secure online area. Please create a PDF file including all cleared slides for this purpose. In case it is not possible to make the presentation available to the participants, of course we respect your decision. Generally, you will be asked explicitly and separately, in how far you want to clear the data.  

9. When and how do I submit the presentation?

The sooner you submit the presentation, the better. At the latest, however, send it via email to our colleague Barbara Weingarten two days before the conference starts. Please also bring the presentation to the conference on a USB stick. We would appreciate it if you could provide a cleared pdf version of the presentation for the other participants.  

10. Are questions allowed during the talk?

You should allow for a five to ten minute question and answer session at the end of your talk. Our moderator will support you.


Speaker Profile

11. What is the speaker profile?

The speaker profile will be published online and as print edition. You will be provided with examples and templates. While the online and the printed profile is essentially a short vita with a picture of the speaker. The latter will be published in the conference guide which will appear complementary to the conference. It serves the purpose of positioning yourself as an expert.

12. What should be the content of the speaker profile?

Ideally, your speaker profile should be oriented to the topic of your presentation. You best position yourself when you incorporate interessting projects or special experiences of your company practice. It is usual to go into your company in the last passage of your presentation.

13. In which language should the speaker profile be written?

The profile should be written in the either German or English.

14. How long does the speaker profile have to be?

The short vita and the substantial contribution may not exceed 380 characters including spaces. In the templates provided for you beforehand, for both, a maximum length is defined, which cannot be exceeded. Please try to use the available space as accurately as possible in order to avoid blank spaces and to ensure an optimal appearance of your profile.  

15. May I use a personal data sheet in the speaker profile?

No, the short vita must be written as a continuous text in order to ensure a consistent format.

16. How and when do I hand the speaker profile in?

You will receive a link for the transmission of your data. Please fill in the form as soon as possible, so that we can announce you accordingly.



17. May I participate in the complete event program?

Yes, you are warmly invited to participate in the entire conference, including keynotes, master class speeches and discussions, panel discussion, champagne reception as well as to vistit the accompanying exhibition. Experience has shown that several top managers and executives are present, which are looking forward to the subject-specific exchange with you during the entire ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING FORUM.

18. Will hotel rooms be booked and will the travel expenses of experts be taken over?

You can find information about room allotment, that can be booked at a special rate until 22.12.2017 at our website (menu, venue, hotel reservation). The costs for accommodation as well as travel expenses have to be carried by each participant himself.  


Additional Participants of your Firm

19. May I bring along other participants to the event?

Experience has shown that experts like to bring additional colleagues to IPM conferences. Please appreciate that they can not be registered as participants free of charge. However, the organizer allows every additional participant from your company a 10% discount. Participants which are often additionally registered come from areas such as the purchasing department, strategy, sales/key account management. In case of additional registrations of participants sponsoring packages aimed at higher numbers of participants and the exclusive presentation of a company become a viable option. Further information about the sponsoring packages can be found in our online shop as well as in personal arrangement with Barbara Weingarten.



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