Basic Information

1. What is the general event information?

Date:                            Monday, 5th of March and Tuesday, 6th of March 2018
Event location:            Estrel Convention Center, Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin
Participation fee:         early bird date until 13th of December 2017: 980 € for both days, 680 € for the first conference day and 580 € for the second
                                     conference day
                                     by booking from 14th of December        2017: 1.280 € for both days, 880 € for the first day and 780 € for the second conference day

                                    (all prizes plus VAT)

2. Are there special conditions?

There are special conditions for members of higher education institutions and corporate groups. You can receive these on request.  

3. Until when is the registration possible at the latest?

It is possible to register online until 4th of March 2018. Afterwards registration is only possible directly at the event. Payment for registrations at the event site will be via credit card.

4. What cancellation conditions exist? 

In case of cancellation until 19th of January 2018 we will refund the registration fee minus a processing fee of 100 €. For cancellations after this date a refund is no longer possible. In this case we ask you to send a representative to the ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING FORUM 2018. In case of cancellation of the conference by the IPM AG the participation fee will be refunded immediately. Further claims are excluded.

5. Is a hotel room included in the price? 

The cost of accommodation as well as travel expenses are to be borne by the conference participants. ESTREL Hotel Berlin has furnished a number of rooms under special conditions until 22nd December 2017 (keyword ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING FORUM). Reservations are possible at our website (menu information, venue, hotel reservation) or by phone at +49 30 831 2252 2.



6. Which parts of the event program can be attended?

Participants are generally allowed to participate in all parts of the event. These consist of the following parts: 1. Keynotes and lectures, 2. Speeches and discussions of the master classes, 3. Workshops, 4. Panel discussions, 5. Champagne reception, 6. Innovation exhibition. The workshops require a separate selection by the participants. For exhibiting companies it is important to note that the exhibition booth must always be staffed with at least one person.

7. How does the registration for the workshops / panel discussion work? 

As several workshops take place at the same time, the participants are encouraged in their application to indicate their preferred option. The number of participants in each workshop is limited. Therefore, the participation is based on the principle of first come-first serve. It is possible that participants who have signed up too late, can not participate in their desired workshop. Generally however, the participation in one of the workshops or the panel discussion is ensured.


Presentations and Contents

8. What topics are covered in the lectures? 

The themes focus principally on the areas of globalization, innovation, and strategies in the supply chain. Frequently, speakers will report on their experience from their corporate practice.

9. In what language will the presentations be held? 

The conference language is of the ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING FORUM is German, so that both the slides and the text of the presentations will be prepared primarily in German. Generally, all keynotes and technical presentations will be simultaneously translated into English.

10. Will the presentations be made available to the conference participants? 

The presentations shown are made available to conference participants via a secure online area. If it is not possible for reasons of confidentiality, to provide participants with the presentations, we ask for your understanding. 

11. Will questions be permitted during the presentations? 

The last five minutes of the lectures will be used for answering audience questions. Our moderator will supervise the audience participation. 



12. Which format does the workshop have?

The workshops are interactive. Participants can balance the pros and cons of an argument in working groups and present their results. Participants contribute to the working group discussions and the presentation of the conclusions and decide themselves which argument they want to make a statement about.

13. In what language will the workshop be held?

The conference language of the workshops is German.
Workshop 2 will be held in English.


Conference Documents

14. Which conference documents will I receive?

Participants will receive the conference guide which is published complementary to the conference. It contains all conference information such as the conference program, exhibitor plan, list of participants and many more.

15. Will I receive the contact details of the speakers and experts as well as of the participants?

Additionally, all participants will receive a printed list of participants which includes the names, companies and functions of the participants. The participants list serves the purpose of individual use and networking.



Event details:
Barbara Weingarten,                                                Tel. +49 151 17952401

Registration and accounting:
Karin Schmidtke,                                                        Tel. +49 511 74314790