Prof. Dr. Elmar Bräkling; Professor of Procurement and Logistics, Koblenz University of Applied Sciences
Joachim Hermes, Member of the Management Board, Karl Berrang GmbH
Stephan Kühr, Founder 3D-Printing Network Berlin / CEO, 3yourmind GmbH

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elmar Bräkling has been teaching and researching in the fields of procurement and logistics at the HS Koblenz for over 9 years. The topics industry 4.0 and digitization are his main areas. In his tasks, he draws on more than 10 years of industrial management experience, especially in the automotive industry. His last position there was Head of International Procurement Services / Consulting & Engineering at Daimler AG. Today Professor Bräkling is also managing partner of PIP - Power in Procurement GmbH and of counsel of the international patent law firm Schneiders & Behrendt.

Joachim Hermes, born in 1968, joined the Berrang Group in 1999. Prior to that, he took responsibility in different positions within the fastener industry. Joachim Hermes is member of the board of the Berrang Group and responsible for marketing and sales, engineering and logistics.

Stephan Kühr, CEO of 3YOURMIND, founded his first company at 17 years old while earning his Masters in Physics and Business. He then successfully served as European Sales Manager for a Wind Energy company. In 2013, he co-founded 3YOURMIND, which was awarded with the German Innovation Prize in 2016. The 30-person-team is revolutionizing the industrial 3D printing market.